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07 September 2007 @ 06:07 pm
Rules, FAQ, Etc  
Rules. - Will be tweaked occasionally.

[1] Please comment when taking. We would like to know where the icons are going.
[2] Please credit 8981 or monaiyra / no_wayin in icon's keywords.
[3] Icons are not bases, unless stated otherwise.
[4] No customizing/tweaking/hotlinking of the icons unless it's specifically stated that it's okay in the icon post.
[5] No claiming our icons are made by you, or some other nonsense crap.
[6] No hosting our icons on other sites, unless permission is given by us.
[7] We don't take requests at the moment.
[8] Ditto for layouts or banners.
[9] Icons to used only on Livejournal.
[10] Please, please NO HOTLINKING.

Updated 19th April 2008